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  1. Part of the balcony near the door with the new nest – AXIS 211M (1)
  2. New nest ¦ Perches above the new nest ¦ Swift nest boxes – AXIS M2014-E
  3. Perches above the new nest – AXIS M1125
  4. Perches above the old nest ¦ Swift nest boxes – AXIS M1114
  5. Part of the balcony with the perches above the old nest – AXIS 211M (2)
  6. Lower part of the balcony –  AXIS 216MFD
  7. Balcony railing – AXIS M1014
  8. Old nest – AXIS 207MW

You can click the image or camera number at the top of this page to open the  page of the camera…

… or watch „our“ kestrels in full resolution from spring to autumn hereIn case of problems with the video, use the Axis Live View page Help. You Select an alternative video source to view by selecting it from the same drop-down Source list.

Basic previews of all cameras can be found here


During the swifts breeding season camera 2 or 4 may be focused also on their nestboxes.

All cameras may not always be available. All year round there are only 3 cameras (2-4) in operation. You may also encounter a limit on the number at the same time as observing cameras.


Updated: 29/07/2018 10:56